l  u  c  r  è  c  e

As an instant of transition between two cycles, each solstice is a moment of revolution. Twice a year, day and night exchange their share in a monotonous repetition. For an instant, the globe is suspended between these two different phases. The solstice instant is infinitesimal, but Lucrèce has the ambition to represent it through artworks. This movement is the only expression of time in our immanent world. It is a tangible mark in the immaterial flow of time. Together with the brightness of the day and the darkness of the night, solstices are the only moments in time that we can empirically experience.

Lucrèce is researching the essence of creation through a theoretical tabula rasa, and the solstice represents the ideal moment to start its reflections and actions: if everything had to start over, this instant would be the most favourable moment to do so.

During each solstice, this project will question our presence on a site, somewhere on earth, in an unknown place, in order to establish an ideal tabula rasa. The aim of the project is to question our way of thinking and creating. For this purpose, a site is selected to be the context of this experiment. This context represents an unknown natural and social environment where creation will be questioned. Twice a year, Lucrèce permits us to meet each other and discuss new possibilities of occupation and interpretation of a territory. At the end of the project, an in situ intervention will be realised intimately with our understanding of this previously unknown territory. A new form of knowledge and creation will somehow arise, and will be expressed through a singular art form, unique and uniquely related to its conception place.

When the solstice comes, the project will be activated: autonomous and isolated, on a virgin site. It will mark a new start for a new cycle of reflection, a form of revolution in our minds. However, when leaving the site of the experiment, the resulting fragments of the experience will already be null and void. Its reflections, hopefully, will remain active in our minds until the next solstice. Every fragment created on site is linked to its social and natural context; it is created correspondingly with local myths, histories, and anecdotes. Moreover, it is created with the immanent matter found at the site. Nonetheless, a mark will stay in the actors’ minds: a mark that nobody but them will understand the meaning of. This project will bond them, and the art works will be the relics of their experience on site.

After the solstice, writing pieces, sculptures, paintings or any kind of fragment will be conserved as the representation of an ideal, but vanished community. As archaeological vestiges of a lost ritual, those objects will be the testimony of a custom that existed for a while but is now obsolete. Those fragments will resonate in the spectator’s mind, but their meaning will remain unexplainable. To understand them, it was necessary to be there at the time, at that precise and infinitesimal instant when those strangers met in that unknown place. That instant happened only once and those art works are its testimony. But, six months later, the experience will be repeated, again, somewhere on earth, affecting another tabula rasa in another unknown place.

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