l  u  c  r  è  c  e

Yordas Cave
United Kingdom

20th of June 2020

Minh Lan Tran
Andrea Zucchini


We are wandering in rocky corridors and immaterial dreams. Our bodies are cold and wet. Our minds are raw. Isolated in a cave as our thoughts are enclosed in our skull. This solstice celebration is particular: there is no sun, the context is dark, we are forgetting light, losing our bearings. We are dreaming in caves, sleeping in water where dead animal lie, trapped into it as we are. The rock mass surrounding us is cold, the air is humid, we are struggling with adapting to this inhuman context. We are not welcome, but we are voluntarily intruding this odd world. We are reaching our limits, but it is time to explore these underground corridors and the madness of our minds. Indescribable forms and indescribable thoughts: we are wandering between the solid and the intangible, lost somewhere in between. It is uncomfortable but necessary.

Sometimes the light appears through the darkness: a shine of hope, followed by laugh and human warmth. We are not welcome but our path is like this shine, crossing the dimness. We are sharing our dreams and our breath melts in one warm cloud invading the cold and humid air of the cave. This is another world, where only the braves can dwell. Laying bare, and confronted face to face with an abandoned and ignored pain; face to face with the cold rock. The cave’s corridor are like our brain’s synapses: the deeper, darker, and colder it gets, the braver we have to be. We will not overcome this journey unscathed, but we will reborn. Our birth will come from the ground, painful, and piercing the rock. From this material and spiritual journey, freedom and love will occur for who wants to fight dimness.

work in progress

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